About Me

I'm a freelance figure sculptor and modeller with many years experience in the wargames and miniatures industry.

What’s New

19May I've been working away behind the scenes on a new range of figures! The first three are available now as a pre-order with a discounted price of £10.50(£12.00 afterwards),this is a limited offer to the first thirty customers so grab them quick.


New digital sculpt of a male barbarian added to digital page. This will be the first figure going off to the printers.

Digital Sculpting

Digital modelling and sculpting has come a long way in the last decade with ever evolving programs such as Zbrush as well as the leaps and strides in digital printing. You can now sculpt a figure digitally and have the detail replicated in a fine quality print.

I have been using and learning Zbrush for over a year now and once I got my head around the UI I found it a lot of fun. I have had a few of my models printed and it's great to see it in your hand as a physical object.

Coming Soon


New Range
A new and exciting range of figures sculpted digitally, coming soon.


Zbrush 4R7
The latest and final update to Zbrush before version 5. With new tools for low poly modelling and a keyshot special version and bridge is released.

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