About Me

I'm a freelance figure sculptor and modeller with many years experience in the wargames and miniatures industry.

What’s New


Orc's released!
The Orcs have been released and are now available in the store.


Orc characters painted
I sent Andrew Taylor a set of master castings to paint up and I think he has done a fantastic job. You can see them on the carousel above.

Digital Sculpting

Digital modelling and sculpting has come a long way in the last decade with ever evolving programs such as Zbrush as well as the leaps and strides in digital printing. You can now sculpt a figure digitally and have the detail replicated in a fine quality print.

I have been using and learning Zbrush for over a year now and once I got my head around the UI I found it a lot of fun. I have had a few of my models printed and it's great to see it in your hand as a physical object.

Coming Soon


Figures in the works
More sculpts are in the planning and sculpting stage. There's a cross mix of figures planned with several new ranges to be added to the list, watch this space.


New Old West range
A new and exciting range of figures sculpted traditionally and digitally.

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